Equipment Breakdown

Because your business depends on functioning equipment to operate and maintain income, a breakdown could be devastating. The threat of breakdown is increasingly common due to  technologically advanced equipment that tends to be sensitive and fragile, which can easily sustain damage that causes breakdowns. Problems with your equipment can be extremely risky if you are not properly insured. Standard property insurance will not cover these types of losses. Equipment Breakdown insurance (also referred to as Boiler and Machinery insurance) will cover you in the event of a breakdown, such as:

  • Your bottling machine suddenly stops working, and it needs to be replaced immediately to be able to make a shipping deadline for a major customer.
  • The large, high-powered motor on your walk-in cooler malfunctions, and you need to repair it to keep your inventory from spoiling.
  • The boiler that maintains the heat in your tanks while the beer is fermenting has an electrical short.